Kids and Teens Benefit to Outdoor Activities

Kids and teens are the age group wherein they easily get bored. They want adventures and activities that are more fun, exciting and interesting. Nowadays, most children prefer outdoor activities in school such as playing soccer and cheer dance than staying inside the classroom doing the writing, reading and solving math problems. They love to run and play outdoor games either individually or by team. Kids and teens today like to stay at home more often than going to the school. Children are very energetic when it comes to physical activities. They don’t get tired so easily. Therefore, kids and teens are fitted to do the outdoor activity which is beneficial for them. It will not only bring fun to these children but can also improve their sociability to other family members and friends. Parents should encourage their children to participate in an outdoor activity to gain various benefits. Listed below are the following benefits of letting your kids join to several outdoor activities.

Firstly, the physical benefits of outdoor activities that will give you. Since children are energetic, they can endure every move that is required for a specific activity. If this activity entails lots of running, then kids and teens are the most appropriate age group that can do it. For example, playing basketball, it is a fun and exciting sport game for male teens as well as to male kids. You can’t finish the game without sweating and stretching all your muscles. Through this, you are already giving your body a good exercise. As we all know, exercise is recommended for us by doctors to remain healthy and active that promotes good circulation and oxygenation to our body. If your child is bit younger like 5 years old, outdoor activity will help him develop good sensory and motor skills. It will help them develop a stronger muscles and bones. They will not only enjoy the activity but they could also bring the best physical condition to their bodies.

Secondly, outdoor activity is helpful to the development of mental capacity of kids and teens. Learning is also possible outside the classroom. It doesn’t only occur inside the house or at the classroom. There are so many things to explore outside the house too. It is good for kids to let them experience the beauty of the nature. Kids often ask what those things are because they are curious about it. Therefore, if they are brought outside wherein more things can be seen, they will ask more which will surely contribute to their learning. For teens, outdoor activity will save them from boredom. As we all know, a brain that is stagnant due to boredom will not bring any development to the brain. So keep your teens’ brain active. Get them involved to activities that will enhance their cognition. Do not restrict or limit their activities inside the house because there are so many things to learn outside too.

Finally, kids and teens sense of camaraderie will develop. It is a benefit that will always be present in outdoor activities. You cannot enjoy playing outside alone. It is best to play in pairs or in groups. Of course, if you have team members, there is cooperation, communication and socialization within the team just like in basketball, baseball, and many more.

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Doctors Prescribe Outdoor Activities Encouraging the Great Outdoors Month!

The President, in a battle to fight childhood obesity and the declining use of national parks and rivers named that June will be the Great Outdoors Month. As a result of the recent outdoors movement doctors across the United States are prescribing outdoor activities to help Americans reconnect with the outdoors and to reduce child obesity rates. This surge in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, backpacking, and canoeing not only causes an increase in the number of Americans using parks but it also is helping to make people healthier. Many of the doctors that are encouraging the use of outdoor medication are doing so because they have realized that it has benefits even beyond getting people to exercise.

The doctor’s prescriptions are not just recommendations to go outdoors. Some doctors are including maps and lists of activities that patients can do when they go to parks. By providing lists of activities doctors are hoping to help people that don’t regularly use parks and thus might not know what to do once they get there. One thing that I also enjoy is that some health providers are on board with the doctor’s prescription and they are reimbursing patients for park entrance fees. When these health providers pay for park fees it makes parks more accessible to a wider range of people. Not only does the increase in activity help keep health care cost down for the provider and patients but it also truly has a benefit to a large amount of people.

I personally love this program and wish that I could get a doctors note to go fishing or hiking! The outdoors is our most precious resource and it saddens me that only a handful of people actually use it. By encouraging more and more people to use the outdoors we can provide better resources because revenues will increase and we can take better care of our aging park system. The program is helping to encourage kids to get out and play. Although video games and the internet are great sources of entertainment many people have taken their use too far. Some kids don’t even know about the outdoors and they aren’t aware of all the activities that they can do outside because they haven’t been exposed to them before. I blame parents for not showing their kids the outdoors. As a parent you are responsible for your child’s well being and if you just plop them in front of a computer or video game their lack knowledge about the outdoors causes great damage to the kids and future kids to come.

I think that everybody should spend at least one day a week in the

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